We help college and university communities establish private, off-campus housing that is consistent with their institution’s character and exceeds student expectations. As a result, exceptional student housing becomes another point of pride to help any college or university attract and retain top-tier students.

Our Unique Offering

Offering unparalleled student housing requires in-depth knowledge of our core market and the ability to deliver to their expectations.  This is where we excel.  The Hallmark team has depth in multi-family residential and planned community development.  We understand the importance of market research and definition. With dozens of successful prior projects to our credit, we're able to make excellent land acquisition and project performance estimates, keep the project on time and in budget and deliver forward-thinking purpose built student housing communities that open with leasing at or near completion.  

Hallmark Campus Communities

  • Provides facilities that meet the housing needs and preferences of today’s student while anticipating the needs of the next generation.
  • Establishes campus housing that reinforces the collegiate experience.
  • Builds facilities that respect and enhance the architectural character of the college or university and surrounding community context.
  • Offers quality housing options with tremendous value and competitive pricing.

Our Collaborative Approach

Whether partnering with campus administrators or private developers, our approach is rooted in collaboration. Our design and build process carefully considers existing resources in an effort to fit seamlessly into the college landscape. 

Our Developments meet the needs of each community by offering amenities that further distinguish our properties, which often include but are not limited to:

  • Fully furnished units
  • Private bedrooms and individual leases
  • Private bathrooms
  • Modern digital and WI-FI accessible services
  • In-Suite laundry
  • On-site parking
  • Walking distance to central campus
  • Fitness centers, pool, recreational areas, game room, computer lab and theater room
  • Fire prevention systems