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Hallmark Campus Communities



Start-to-finish private, off-campus student housing development services.

From land acquisition to financing, site planning, design, construction and leasing, every person on the Hallmark Campus Communities team has extensive experience in executing highly successful projects including low and mid-rise multi-family residential and student housing communities, mixed-use developments, planned, sustainable and LEED-certified communities.


Hallmark’s pre-development services begin with market studies, conceptual site planning, financial analysis and projections to assure long-term viability. The goal is to confirm the project is not only viable but has good return potential.

Our team analyzes rental rates and housing costs; the costs of land acquisition, development and operations; and, post-development revenue projections. Before shovels turn, there’s a clear understanding of options, plans, costs and returns.

We execute this due diligence for all Hallmark Campus Communities projects but are also pleased to provide these services as a collaborative partner

Land Acquisition

Hallmark seeks to acquire land, and/or parcels with existing structures, within close proximity to colleges or universities demonstrating sound market fundamentals.

Design & Build

Hallmark’s design-build ideas and methods incorporate sustainability, flexibility and architectural integrity for the purpose of providing contemporary student housing that is better today and will provide adaptability for decades to come. Our individual living spaces are larger, our amenity and unit concepts offer functional beauty while supporting community-style campus living. A sampling of our floor plans is provided in the gallery on this page. You're welcome to retrieve the original PDFs from the Portfolio section where they're provided for each completed project.


The ability to finance a project and access to capital with an attractive rate is a major advantage. The depth of successful project experience on the Hallmark Campus Communities team has afforded the company a reputation for good results. Lenders appreciate the thoroughness of the pre-development research and projections and trust those projections are realistic because of the people involved.

If there is opportunity to acquire the right location and the projections are good, we can bring lenders to the table who will be supportive to the process.


Our post-construction service leading up to and continuing through this point includes closing out the project with a final accounting report, warranty provisions, documentation (as-built and certificates of occupancy, securing lien releases) and completes with a first year inspection.

We work throughout the construction phase of our projects to be a good neighbor. When we are in the post-construction phase our goal is to leave a completed project looking as if it was always part of the community landscape.

Property Management

Property management services for Hallmark Campus Communities are provided by Peak Campus Management.

Peak has a reputation for excellence in service to student residents, and, in its ability to provide returns to property investors. The Peak team currently manages over $1.6B in campus housing assets comprised of 23,000 beds at 46 campus locations in key college markets coast-to-coast.

Their services include operations and facilities maintenance, marketing, leasing and community life management.


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